In the spirit of martial arts,

we teach to raise funds for good causes.

Our instructors are unpaid volunteers and teach for free. Instead of charging monthly fees for ourselves, we ask each member to donate weekly $8 to a recognized charity of their choice. Proof of donation has to be provided quarterly.


Since 2011, our instructors have offered teachings worth $25,000 of not-for-profit Kali in our local communities through our training programs. In addition, our members donated close to $10,000 directly to charities of their choice.

We would like to thank our generous members for their trust and on-going contribution. Hopefully we will be able to share smiles and promote Philippine culture and arts together forever.

If you are working for a non-profit or charity, or for law enforcement, and would like to be trained in realistic self defense and survival, get in touch with us for preferential rates.