Seminar with Mandala Tuhon Leslie L. Buck, Jr., 23./24. March 2013, Singapore

MANDALA TUHON LESLIE L. BUCK, JR., CEO of the Tactical Arts Academy
The Pekiti Tirsia Kali System is a close quarters, in-fighting combat system from the Philippines. Based on edged weapons tactics and strategies, Pekiti Tirsia is both traditional and modern – used for presidential security, elite military and specialized law enforcement training.

Seminar Details:
Date:    23./24. March 2013
Time:    9.30am – 6.00pm
Venue:   Singapore (TBD)
Fees:  S$90/day (Early Bird; before 28.02.2013), S$110/day (after 01.03.2013)
RSVP:   +65 96345465 or

Course materials include:
• Body mechanics and power development
• Double sword, stick and dagger
• Espada & Daga
• Dumog: Takedown, throws and breaks
• Pangamut: The deadly empty hand of Kali
• Malayu Sibat: Two handed stick/spear
Anyone welcome. Bring a pair of sticks, training daggers and an open mind.

Mandala Tuhon Leslie L. Buck, Jr.:
Leslie has extensive experience teaching law enforcement and military personnel including U.S. and Philippine Marines, Special Action Force (SAF) Commandos of the Philippine National Police and agents of the Crisis Response Group (CRG) Counter-Terrorism Task Force of the Philippines as well as United States federal, state and local police, including FBI, SWAT, DPS Troopers, Narcotics Agents, Border Patrol and Corrections Officers.Leslie is officially recognized by the President of the Philippines, the Philippine Secretary of Defense, the United States Marine Corps and the Philippine Marine Corps for his service teaching close quarters tactics and promoting the art of Kali. He is a member of the Kali Hall of Fame and he has served as a representative of the U.S. for Kali and Pencak Silat including print media, radio and television interviews and demonstrations in both Indonesia and the Philippines.

Pekiti Tirsia Kali Singa (Singapore) – THE ART OF MODERN TIMES AND THE LIVING PAST
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